News!- NYCC 2018 Marvel Legends reveal

Well guys and gals, last night was the start of the New York Comic Con and as always we got some Marvel Legends reveal. We got some very nice reveals last night with some extremely unexpected surprised. There is alot to get through so let jump in.

Starting off with some updates to previous revealed character. First, while he wasn’t there they have confirmed that the Weapon X figure is part of the first wave of X-men (more on that later). Also X-men related, Prof X riders set will also come with a psychic effect. Not only that but if you didn’t want another Kingpin if you had the TB version, the set will come with a Shadow King head sculpt for that BAF. Deadpool also get a swappable head for the Hydra soldier figure with his friend Bob.

Sticking with the X-men theme we got a look at 2 more X-men to join the wave alongside the BAF for it. Hasbro tease him in SDCC last summer but now we got confirmation that Forge, in is classic uniform, is coming. IMO this is a huge improvement over the previos one. Those who couldn’t get the Jubilee BAf or didn’t like that it wasn’t her classic Jim Lee style will be happy to know that she is coming in this wave as well. She seem to have 2 head one with and without bubble gum. The BAF for this wave was the Horsemen of Apocalypse Caliban. He is done using the Monster Venom figure so some may think he is too big but it is a nice surprise to have another obscure character added to our roster.

Next onto another figure for the Spider-man Kingpin wave and the one that surprised and delighted everyone, Night Trasher. The founder of the New Warriors and long sought after character marks the first time he is getting a Legends. This marks the third/fourth New Warrior to be made alongside classics Nova and Darkhawk and more modern members like Kaine and Sam Alexander Nova.


Next we have some figure that Hasbro as revealed but haven’t said where or how they will come out. For MCU fan who want to complete the Black Order, Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive have been revealed and they look to be the best sculpted figure of the bunch. Also revealed was a brand new Beta Ray Bill based on his appearance in the Unworthy Thor storyline. My guess is that the Black Order will be part of the Avengers MCU full wave next year with BRB being part of either the Comic Avengers or Capt Marvel wave.

Lastly we got some exclusive 2-packs. Hasbro are continuing their theme of famous covers (as seen in the like of the Dark Phoenix, Ultimate Vulture and Ant-man and Stinger set) with 2 more famous cover sets. Fans of the (IMO) best Spider-man story, Kraven’s Last Hunt, will be glad to know that is coming with a repainted Kraven (new head) and Black Suit Spider-man (with bruised unmasked head) will be released. I would have preferred is Kraven came with Vermin (on the Jackal build) but given that it is that storyline, I do understand why they pick Spidey. No word on where it will be released. The second set is an double villian set based on the Secret Empire storyline. Supreme Leader Cap (who I can see being repaint into Civil Warrior) will come we a repaint and resculpt Dimension Z Armin Zola. This set is currently up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth and all etailer associated with them like BBTS and Kapowtoys.

And that was basically it. This is the first time in a while we have gotten so many reveals at NYCC as they usually only reveal a max of 6 figures. But it does leave a few questions like where do Guardian and Wendigo go? Possible second X-men wave? Or maybe a Wolverine themed wave? There are rumours that there is a X-force wave coming. Also what about the rest of the Capt Marv wave? They revealed (leaked) the MCU figure but where are the comic figures?

Well worry not people as we have 3 more cons left this year, 2 of which are on at the end of this month, one in London and another in Paris. There is also the Italian one later. Each of these are supposed to have at least one or 2 reveals. The Schedule will be updated in a bit but I am still working through SDCC reveals so don’t expect the NCS for most of these to be done anytime soon. Heck I have 57 character to do already and these just add onto it. See ya later!


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