News! – SDCC Preview Night

It’s that time of the year again folk. Time to sit in front of your screens and see what is coming out from SDCC, or if you were lucky enough to be able to go actually see everything on display. There has been a bit of reveals for some toylines  but for Marvel Legends there isn’t much to get excited about. More hints at stuff rather then actual figures. However keep in mind that this is only the Preview Night so they have to keep stuff hidden. There is also the Press Breakfast this morning (or night if like me you live in Europe) where they usually reveal alot of stuff.

Anyway as for things that were reveal, we got a new claw for Apocalypse. We were told that he was supposed to come with interchangeable parts last year and it looks like they will come out with another figure, similar to how Kitty Pryde came with the Onslaught head. We also saw Squirrel Pool nibbling on pant less Pool foor but we have no idea how this will be released. Lastly we saw the Killmonger figure from the Oyoke wave looking down on what looks like the mask that he wore when he help Klaue escape, heavily confirming that the rumored second wave of Black Panther.

Thank to JayC and the team at for providing the images


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