Ideal Wave – New Mutants Wave

Another week down. Another week until the SDCC 2018. So here is my second Ideal wave that I promised I would do. This week we focus on the upcoming New Mutants movie. Now before anyone says it: No! Hasbro will NOT release movie version of this movie. But Hasbro will try and make money off it. They have done this with other Fox movies like Deadpool and even X-men Apocalypse with their X-men line. I mean, come on, you cannot say we didn’t get Old Man Logan and X-23 because they were in Logan. How about a new Cable, Domino and Shatterstar with their roles in Deadpool 2? Punk Rock Storm and Psylocke? X-men Apocalypse. Need I go on? I probably could but I don’t wanna.

Anyhow, this will be a comic book based wave. I think Hasbro will just slot these into an X-men wave but I’m doing this for as if it was it’s own way. However I will not be focusing on the New Mutants era of these character too much. Instead I will be spreading these across the different times and teams these characters have appeared in, like X-Factor, X-force, X-men and even the Avengers. Having a wave focus too much on one part of a team history, isolated other collectors who want to collect other version of the team they want. It’s why some X-men waves have included different era of the X-men instead of focusing on the Jim Lee version.

As always here are the rules for this wave:

  • 6-8 figures per wave. No more. No less.
  • Some version of the Title hero most be in it (Carol Danvers)
  • 1 or 2 Female per wave.
  • 1 or 2 Villains per wave, but these could be female as well.
  • 1 or 2 brand new character that has never been done before
  • 1 or 2 remakes. The Remakes can also be new costumes as Like Classic Spider-man or Iron Spider.
  • Each wave most have a Theme ie Spider-man can include Street Level heroes or Iron Man can include Tech Heroes and villains.

The Theme for this wave: New Mutants through out the years

Moonstar and Karma

We start this wave with a character we were supposed to get but unfortunately it got cancel because Hasbro was still trying to get thing right, Danielle Moonstar. With the movie coming this would be a great chance to get that figure finally out. But throw away that shitty body. Instead I think using the Kate Bishop body with work perfectly for this with a new head. Not only that but this could be a great chance to do something that the female side of ML has been lacking. Swappable head for a different character. The male side has been has had several of these but the girl don’t seem to get the same love. However, since the New Mutants costume is usually the same for most character this would be a great chance to get a number of character on it. For this, I think have the more obscure Karma would be a perfect fit for this set. The set should also come with a rifle or a spear for Moonstar.


Next and the only other female character in this wave is the lady werewolf, Wolfsbane. And since we just got Multiple Man in his X-factor costume, she should come in her X-factor costume as well to give us another member of that team was well as a member of the New Mutants. While the torso could be a repaint of the Kitty Pryde figure (I mean it’s the perfect base for this), the arm’s and leg might be new as their is no furry part for a female character (male yes thanks to the Jackal figure). There really is no accessory she could come with but maybe the Ponytail head.


Next up is a character we actually had before, Cannonball. Out of most of the New Mutants, Cannonball has had the better career, being part of the X-men, X-force and even the Avengers. Speaking of Avengers, I think they should do that version of him. He should use the Spidey 2099 build for the base. While I would love for them to come with a blasting base, if he could come with the fire effects that came with Human Torch and Iron Fist, I would take that. If you don’t like this version, then…………….. Look below\/.

Confirmed for X-Force wave

Sunspot and Cypher

Next up we have a character that will be the base body for several members of the New Mutants, Sunspot. The mutant who get stronger with the amount of sunlight he absorbs, he has been a mainstay of the team. He would have the New Mutant uniform or the modern interpretation of it on top of the Bucky Cap mold. You can also put the Cannonball head on it and it will also come with a Doug Ramsey head in order to get another member of the New Mutants. It will also be nice for Warlock (the BAF version not the GOTG version) to have his buddy.


Next up we have another character that we got but this one was extremely hard to get if you never got it that first time (even then it was hard to get), Warpath. The older figure was, IMO, too big for the character of Warpath and used the older TB build. I think they should redo the X-Force version for people who got the X-23 figure and need to complete this team. I think the new Thor / Odinson build will work better for this character but I know someone will argue that.


Next up we have the one of the few villains of this wave, Magneto. Why is he in a New Mutants wave? Well, when Xavier went off to be with his alien wife Lilandra, a reformed Magneto was asked to be look over the New Mutants. And while we could ask for that version I think a simply repaint of the recent Magneto into his classic version would work better as this will be the budget figure, except maybe a new cape.

Confirmed for Amazon Exclusive.

Black Tom Cassidy

Damn Cable! You killed Black Tom! You rascist bastard! (If you didn’t get that joke your under 18 and haven’t seen Deadpool). Any how, taken the final spot is Banshee’s cousin, Black Tom Cassidy. While he is more a X-men villain, he has battle this team when they were X-Force. Not only that he did appear in DP 2 briefly, we also need him because Juggernaut needs his partner in crime.

BAF: Cameron Hodge

So who could be the BAF of this wave? How about a villain that is the very reason the New Mutants exist in the first place? Cameron Hodge is an extreme mutant hater. He makes the Purifiers look like saints. In order to battle mutants, he would change is body into a cyborg and later a part of the Phalanx. He even captured the young mutants in an effort kill them. He is the perfect BAF for this wave. He will use all new parts.

Well that is my Ideal wave for the New Mutants. What about you? what would you pick? Would you spread the costume across various eras or have them all as the same costume?

Let me know below or at any of the various Social links. But that not all of the X-men as I will be doing a X-men wave based around another Fox movie that is supposed to be coming out next year at some point next week.


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