News – Deadpool Wave 2 Packaged Images and new Figures

Yesterday (while I was at work so this is why I’m so late in posting this), Hasbro sent out packaged images of the Deadpool Wave 2, the Sauron wave and it looks like Hasbro are getting a little creative with their way of package the Deadpool figures into the box. Just to remind people that the figure already reveal are Boxer Short Deadpool, Lady Deadpool with head, Omega Red, Bishop and X-men Deadpool. Joining the wave, we got confirmation of the X-23’s Wolverine version with an unmasked head. Not only that but the figure as her toe claws done, attached to the feet via a hinge exactly like the Toybiz ones. This will make the figure easier to stand. But Hasbro throw us a curve ball by revealing a swappable head for the X-men Deadpool. Those that were mad that we had to buy another Deadpool will be glad to know that the figure will come with a swappable head and hat of Madcap. The one time crazy superhero and one of the voices in DP head (I’ll explain when I do the NCS for him), Madcap has gone on to become one of DP most dangerous villains in recent years.

Check below for all the images.

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