Infinity War wave 1 and Venom Wave!!!

Jesus Hasbro is not waiting for anything this year to release new news on figures.

First, a seller from the land down under has post images of the Avengers: Infinity wave one that he found in one of his stores. While we have heard rumour of what is in this wave we now have confirmation on them. Joining Songbird, Taskmaster and King Cobra are MCU Cap, Iron Man, Spider-man and Proxima Midnight. The BAF of the wave has been confirmed to be MCU Thanos.

Thanks to Grizzly Nick for the pics.

I will post NCS for all the MCU figures once I have cleaner or promotion pics.

Also dropping today we have confirmation of the rumour Venom wave. Shown today we got the main star of the wave Venom and of course Carnage (can’t really have a Venom themed wave without his son now can you. No word (or rumour) and the rest of the wave of the BAF, but I’m guessing we will have at least one version of Spidey (probably some form of his Black suit) and at least one of the other Life Foundation symbiotes.

I did a NCS on the Venom Symbiote before (Venom (Klyntar, Marvel Prime)) but I will do one for Eddy soon alongside Carnage, who I may have to do 2 NCSs for (one for Kassidy and one for the Symbiote).


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