Best Of Marvel Legends 2017 – Best Exclusive + Best Accessory

Happy New Year everybody. We began the year by showing what you guys voted for as the Best Exclusive of the year. For this I asked you to look at all the exclusives, either Stores, Conventions or ETailers, and see what was the best exclusive of the year. I asked you to look at character selections (as always), availability (whether it was easy to get) and value for money.

This year we have had the most exclusive we ever had with some being long sought after characters and versions. For Amazon, to promote the Defenders Netflix series, they had a comic book version box set of the main characters with Luke Cage re-release (mostly), a immortal weapon Iron Fist, a repaint Daredevil and the first ever book comic Jessica Jones as her Jewel identity. Gamestop had their first ever figure in what we hope is a long run of figures with the Back In Black Deadpool. This year Marvel Unlimited Subscription figure was the Time Runs Out Captain Marvel. The SDCC exclusive this year was a Thor themed box set with preview figure Lady Thor, Odinson (not the same as one that came in the Ragnarok wave) and new  fan favorite character Malekith, Ulik and surprisely brilliant Bor, Thor’s grandfather. Speaking of Thor, Target got a 2-Pack with MCU Thor (the same Thor as the wave one but without the Helmet and with energy effect) and the exclusive to the set MCU Valkyrie. Despite the financial burden that effected Toys-R-Us, they have had the most exclusives then any other store. First the re-release the MCU Groot BAF with mini Kid Groot and Potted planet Groot as a single set. They also had a number of 2-packs with the Dark Phoenix + John Bryne Cyclops, Mary-Jane Watson and Parker Industry Spider-man and the first ever army builder set with the Hydra Soldier set. They also had the first ever all female Box set with the A-force set. It included a new She-hulk with new characters Singularity, Elsa Bloodstone, Monica Rambeau, Lady Sif and Lady Loki (either Loki in Sif’s body or an alternate version of him). Walgreen has been the center for all Fantastic Four characters with the Invisible Woman (and Herbie), Human Torch and Medusa all being released a single figures. Walmart had a classic comic book Black Panther as well as a Ultimate Vulture and Spider-man 2-pack.

The votes were actually pretty close with this with the 3 winners fight for the first place for quite a while until the overall winner zoomed ahead. However some people have suggested that their was too many option. So one fan suggested that I split them into “Singles”, “2-pack” and “Box Set”. While it is too late to do that now I will be doing it next year.

Anyhow, onto the winners!!!

3rd place

Toys-R-Us A-Force Box set

During and after the recent Secret Wars, Marvel did an all-female Avengers team, know as A-force. Despite the book short tenure, it proved extremely popular with fan. Because of that Hasbro decided to release them as a box set. While only 2 of the figure were actually in the 616 team, Hasbro also used this opportunity to released some long sought after characters. First we have the extremely cute living universe Singularity, the surprisingly awesome monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone, the long sought after Monica Rambeau (though not in the costume people wanted), the slightly disappointing (that damn cape) and long awaited Lady Sif and the amazingly detailed Lady Loki. The only disappointment was She-Hulk. Not because of the body (cause that was it was design for) but her face sculpt which doesn’t really give us a She-hulk. All in all, a set really worth getting.

2nd Place

SDCC 2017 Battle for Asgard set

Taking second place is the SDCC exclusive of the year, the Battle for Asgard set! The SDCC exclusive are always something to get but this one (expect the Raft set) is one of the best. Totally Thor focus, we get a Lady Thor figure who would be release as part of the Ragnarok wave. We also got a new nice Odinson figure which is much better then the Ragnarok one and in scale with the rest of your collection. Plus that arm is frigging awesome. We also got a (IMO too big) long awaited Malekith, a BAF size Ulik, done on the Rhino build, and what looks to be the set exclusive (we think the other 2 will be rerelease eventually) Bor. The set may be hard to get now but the money is soo worth it.

Overall Winner

Toys-R-Us Dark Phoenix and Cyclops

It seems that the 2-packs this year were using famous story or covers to select the set. For the X-men, there is no story more famous then the Dark Phoenix saga. Winning the best Exclusive of the years is the Toys-R-Us exclusive 2-pack Dark Phoenix and Cyclops. Toybiz released this Cyclops and Dark Phoenix before but both those figure are extremely out dated. Hasbro gave them a great update. This Cyclops is one of the best yet, with only the Jim Lee version surpassing him. But it was the Dark Phoenix that sold the set. This is a huge improvement. Winner of the Best Comic Book Female of the year, this figure is great. In fact all the extra stuff that came with the set were for her with 2 extra head (both which could be used for the previous Phoenix) as well as a nice flaming bird attachment. X-men fans must have this set. If you haven’t then just stop collecting.


Before we end this, I just wanted to announce the best Accessory as well. However, since the vote are really divided I will only be posting the overall winner. I will work on how to do this better next year. I’m thinking by separating by types, something like “Extra Heads”, “Extra heads that is a different character”, “Extra Heads”, “Gun and Swords” and “Unique ones IE Phoenix bird effect”. Any way…….

Overall Winner

Gladiator Hulk weapons, Yondu’s Arrow and Dark Phoenix’s extra heads

While I won’t be providing pictures, you can see how divided this vote was. I admit I didn’t really think this through properly. Well, anyway the winner of the Best Accessory is a three way tie. We have the Gladiator Hulk weapon (both got the same amount of votes). These are really nice with some nice details and a really nice paint app. One of the best part of both GOTG movie was Yondu using his arrow so Hasbro used this opportunity to give us an effect that shows him using the arrow. Lastly we have the Dark Phoenix extra heads. I already said how awesome these head are so I won’t get into too much detail.


Well that’s the best Exclusive and Best Accessory. We only have the best figure of the year to go now but before that I have to do the sad thing of giving you the Worst figure of the years.

Here the result:


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