NYCC 2017 – New Marvel Legends!!

This morning Hasbro held their annual Press event (taken place in another building outside the Convention) where they revealed 5 new figures as well as figure that where shown in slides like Mr. Fantastic. They didn’t show the last figure of the Deadpool wave or any of the MCU figures of the Black Panther wave or even the BAF for it. My guess is the last DP figure will be revealed at the MCM London being held at the end of this month and maybe the BP figure will be reveal their as well but I suspect that Disney are putting a hold on them until closer to the official movie release. Given that they seem to be holding onto what the BAF is it could be presumed that it is a MCU base and a bit of a spoiler.

Anyhow, onto the new stuff.

Finishing off the Spider-man Lizard wave we have 2 long awaited figures. Prowler come in his classic costume rather then the expected Parker Industry version. He will be done on the Spider-UK body with new wrist and ankle gauntlets. He will be one of 2 Hobbie Browns in this wave as Spider-Punk is an alternate version of him. Joining them is the alternate Spider-man, Noir. This is done on the AIM Soldier using the jacket from the MCU Punisher (I think?). The one think I don’t like about this is that they gave him more futuristic guns!! He is from the Depression period of American history, so having futuristic gun does not suit him. This is the last figure for this waves. There was originally supposed to be a Demoogoblin in this wave but that either left for another wave or replaced with Lasher.

Spider-man Noir


They also showed off 2 new additions to the X-men Apocalypse wave with Gladiator and Multiple Man. Gladiator is mostly a rerelease of the SDCC one but with the Tombstone chest and a new darker paint job. For those given out about him being included in the X-men wave remember he is a big part of the X-men mythos and not everyone was able to get the SDCC one or afford it on the secondary market. The long awaited Multiple Man is in this 90’s X-factor costume. This is one of his most Iconic costume and hints at the fact that we might be getting more member of mutant teams. He will come with 3 heads one of which is a “unmasked” head. If you get three then I recommend using the unmasked one as the “main” body. There is still at least 2 more figures for this wave expected to be Magneto and Sabretooth.


Multiple Man

Lastly joining Cobra and Songbird in the Avengers wave we have a new Taskmaster, in his classic. While I am delighted to get a updated classic Taskmaster I feel like this is just to satisfy the whiners of the Udon Taskmaster master we got in the first Captain America: Civil War wave. He is using the Bucky Cap body just like his predecessor with Doom’s cape and Red Skull’s head. He also comes with his trademarked shield and a Black Knight sword.


Well that’s it for the NYCC. The MCM London will be held at the end of this month where we hope to see some more figures.



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