Thanos Wins Universe (Earth-TRN666)

Introduced in: Thanos (Vol. 2) #13 (2017)

In order to please Death, Thanos killed almost every living thing in the known galaxy and became the king of what had remained in his wake: nothing. This future ceased to exist when the Thanos of Earth-616, who had been dragged there by the Rider to aid King Thanos in his quest to finally be with Death, returned to his own timeline and worked without rest to not become his future self. Before this timeline change occurred, the Universal Church of Truth went back in time to build an army of Drax clones to kill King Thanos in the future, but the Guardians of the Galaxy’s interference resulted in their failure. Returning empty-handed to their timeline, which had been somehow restored, King Thanos confronted them himself. The Rider (Cosmic Ghost Rider) has since been displaced in the Prime Universe.