Skaar, Son of Hulk


  • Real Name: Skaar
  • AKA: Conan, Destroyer, Hero Protector, Hulkspawn, Killer of Killers, King of the Savage Land, Little Monster, Longhair, Sakaarson, Santos, Savior Savior of Imperia, Son of Hulk, Son of Sakaar, Swampscum, Worldbreaker
  • Family: Brian Banner (paternal grandfather); Rebecca Banner (paternal grandmother); Bruce Banner (father); Caiera the Oldstrong (mother, deceased); Betty Ross (step-mother); Hiro-Kala (twin brother, deceased); Lyra (paternal half-sister); Morris Walters (granduncle); Elaine Banner-Walters (paternal grandaunt, deceased); Jennifer Walters (first cousin once removed); Koaam (distant cousin, deceased)
  • Base of Operation: Formerly Paris, France; mobile; Savage Land, Antarctica; Sakaar
  • Identity: No Dual
  • Citizenship: Sakaaran
  • Martial Status: Single 
  • Occupation: Adventurer, hunter
  • Education: –
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5′3″ (1.6 m) (depowered), 6′6″ (1.98 m) (first appearance), 9′5″ (2.87 m) (later appearance)
  • Weight: 105 lbs (47.63 kg) (depowered), 400 lbs (181.44 kg) (first appearance), 1500 lbs (680.39 kg) (later appearance)
  • Eyes: Black (Eyeballs), Green (Iris)
  • Hair: Black
  • Unusual Feature: Tribal tattoos burned into left side of chest and arm, pale skin, green blood, fingers coming out of head, spines coming out of shoudlers
  • Origin: Sakaaran Shadow People/Human Gamma Mutate hybrid
  • Universe: Marvel Prime Universe (Earth-616)

They grew up so fast. Introduced in World War Hulk #5 (2007) by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr., Skaar is the son of Hulk and the Sakaar woman, Caiera. When the ship that brought Hulk to Sakaar exploded killing most of the residents of Sakaar, including Caiera, Hulk and his warbound left the planet to get revenge against the Illuminati. Hulk never knew that Caiera was pregnant. The child, and his twin brother, were keep in cocoons and would emerge having ages into a child. He would rapidly age to a young adult and would be given his tattoos by the Shadow People. After many adventures that brought him into conflict with the survivors of Sakaar as well as nearly feeding the planet to Galactus, he would be exiled to Earth.

There he was attacked by found by the F4 and She-Hulk before being attacked by Osborn. He would eventually meet his father who he vowed to kill. After a few battles and Hulk being depowered by the Red Hulk, Banner began teaching Skaar in ways of killing his Green Scar persona if he ever returned. After battling the Intelligencia and Hulked out Heroes, Hulk would return and after a brief fight he would make up with his son, who transformed back into his child form. They would spend time together with the rest of the Hulk family, including Hulk learning about his other son who he had to kill to protect Earth. Skaar would join Norman Osborn’s team of New Avengers in an attempt at revenge against the Avengers. However, Skaar turned out to be a double agent for Steve Rogers. This team was later recruited to replace the Thunderbolts, with Skaar working was Luke Cage’s back-up in case the team turned on him. Skaar would spend some time in the Savage Land before being depowered by Doc Green’s version of Hulk. He was repowered by Green Spring, under Abomination’s orders, and began working for them.

Skaar actually holds the record for the character to get a figure so soon after his debut. He would receive a figure as part of the Hulk’s Fin Fang Foom wave.


Recommend Figure:  Hasbro Marvel Legends Hulk Fin Fang Foom wave – Son Of Hulk

  • Background:
    • When Skaar first appeared but only did he not speak (only grunting), he also had a much smaller greyish-green form. This was because he was using the powers of the Oldstrong from his gene. He would later gain his Hulk Green form that became his default form.
  •  Why you need it for your collection?:
    • If you want a member of Hulk’s family, you will need this. He can also be gotten for his role in the Avengers as well as the short lived Thunderbolts.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • Yes but I think his green form is more likely.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not facts. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

Alternates: Hulk-Mania | Hulks

Universe: Prime Universe (Earth-616)