Inhuman Torch (House Of M)


  • Real Name: Kristoff Vernard
  • AKA: Kristoff von Doom, Prince Kristoff
  • Family: Doctor Doom (adopted father), Invincible Woman (adopted mother, deceased), Cynthia von Doom (adopted grandmother), Reed Richards (paternal half-brother), Susan Storm (half-sister-in-law), Franklin Richards (half-nephew)
  • Base of Operation: Castle Doom, Doomstadt, Latveria
  • Identity: –
  • Citizenship: Latverian
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: First Prince of the House of Doom
  • Education: 
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 
  • Weight: 
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Unusual Feature: Demonic-looking form, including flaming body and demon-like wings coming out of his back
  • Origin: The adopted son of Victor von Doom, whom he granted superhuman abilities by combining; mysticism, technology and Cosmic Rays.
  • Universe: House of M Universe (Earth-58163)

In the House of M universe, Johnny Storm didn’t journey into with his sister. Introduced in Fantastic Four: House of M #1 (2005) by John Layman and Scot Eaton, this Inhuman Torch is actually Kristoff Vernard, the adopted son of Victor Von Doom. In universe, Reed, Sue and Ben Grimm were joined by John Jameson in their journey into space. However, all except Grimm was killed by cosmic radiation instead of gaining power. Doom used these bodies to give his wife and son powers, with Kristoff becoming the Inhuman Torch, taking on a flaming demon look. Together with Grimm, they became the Frightful Four and worked with Magneto to take over the Earth.

At the time of the Box set’s release, House of M was the latest event that Toybiz could have based figures on. Out of the 4, Kristoff is the only one that was a brand new character.

House of M Inhuman Torch

Recommend Figure:  Toybiz Marvel Legends House of M Box set – Inhuman Torch with Iron Man, Hulk and It

  • Background:
    • Combining cosmic radiation with mystic arts, Doom transformed his son into this flame demon form. 
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Honestly unless you have to have every Human Torch or want to build a House of M display (we currently have at least 6 characters from it) then I would say skip it. It is the only one in the set that is a brand new character but I wouldn’t recommend using it for your 616 Kristoff display. However, it is very unlikely it will get a remake.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not fact. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

None at the moment.

Alternates: Human Torches

Universe: House of M Universe (Earth-58163)