Missing Legends – Power Princesses

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we begin, if you have a request for a Missing Legends, please enter your request in the Missing Legends Requests. I’m pretty sure that after the last couple of reveals, you lot have plenty of characters for me to look at.

Anyway, on Monday, Hasbro reveal that they are releasing a second Squadron Supreme set and with it we only have one member of the CORE team. By pure coincidence and I mean pure coincidence, the Missing Legends that was requested just happened to Power Princess. However, to outdo myself, I decided to do two versions of the character, the first being the one that is almost guaranteed because of what the new 2-packs are based on, the Power Princess (Mephisto’s Simulacrum). The other one is what most people think of when they think of Marvel’s answer to Wonder Woman, Power Princess (Earth-S).

Not only that but I also added a Zarda Shelton (Multiverse) to the alternate pages as well as moved the Earth-S (Earth-712) universe from the Misc Universe page to its own page (since we now have three characters from that universe).


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