NCS – Harry Osborn

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. I know this is a bit odd to be posting this on a Sunday as I usually post these on a Monday (don’t worry I’ll have another one tomorrow) but I have been busy the past week and this has been my only day off work. Anyhow, we start off with a few updates as we now have new improved images for the following.

As for the rest of the reveals like the Spider-verse figures and the Gamerverse Miles, these will be updated 2 weeks after the release of either.

As for the new stuff, today we look at the trouble son of Norman Osborn, aka The Green goblin, and the guy that essentially made the Comic Code Authority rethink their stances on drugs, the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn. Yes, you can essentially use any classic GG as Harry as well. I didn’t include the cloned version of Harry as they are retconned to be two different characters so I didn’t include American Son in the needs section.

Next time we will look at 2 people who have worn the classic Hobgoblin costumes.

I also did a new unboxing video on my Youtube page if you want to look at it. I also included a couple of head swaps for new characters as well.


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