Results – Best Comic figures of 2022

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on our third week of the Best of Marvel Legends 2022 and this week we have our results of the best comic book-based figures survey from last week. I’m actually disappointed in you lot as we had less people voting this time than in the past two surveys. This usually brings in the most voting but, ah well, we do have the results so let’s just get onto it.

As a reminder, all of these will be added to the Finals.

Best Newcomer

The figure based on a new character that has never had a Comic Book figure before.

Gorr The Butcher – 28%

He may not have the right legs, but fans have decided that the killer of gods is the best Newcomer of the year with 28% of the votes. Second place holders, Knull and Maggot, only managed to get 13% with Third place holders, Firelord, Razorback and Vulcan, only got 9%.

Best Remake

Best figure of a previously released costume/character that has been updated with a new figure.

Classic Dr. Strange – 13%

Unlike the previous one, this was a very close race. Five figures were fighting for first place with Strange barely inching out the win. The other contenders were Amazing Fantasy Spider-man, Classic Lizard, Spiral, and Toad.

Best New Costume

A figure that gives us a new costume of a character that has previously been released.

Avengers Under Siege Baron Zemo – 30%

Another closely contested race with Baron Zemo winning the race. The other contender was the Herald of Galactus Thor with 25% but the third-place holders, Multiple Man and Winged Venom barely making 13% of the votes.

Best Re-release

A figure that was previously released with nearly the exact same design. New head and paint different are allowed.

20th Anniversary Captain America – 28%

Even though he didn’t win the best Fan Channel Exclusive this year, 20th Anniversary Cap has won this, where many think he is the best Cap released yet. However, it wasn’t an easy victory as Retro Card Beast only lost with 25% of the votes. Third Place Hulk was half of that with 13%.

Best Villain

Best figure based on a villian.

Baron Zemo – 19%

Hienrich won again. People have been wanting this version of the character for years, but can he win the finals? He was closely followed by Knull (16%) and Gorr (13%).

Best Female Figure

Figures based on a female character.

Spiral – 50%

Sorry ladies. This wasn’t even a contest. With half the votes, Ricochet Rita wins this year. I mean second place Quake/Maria Hill barely got 19% of the votes. That’s less than half what Spiral got. Elektra and Silk only got 6% in Third place. Could Spiral win the year?

Best Spider-person

Figure based on character with Spider-powers.

Renew Your Vows Spider-man – 34%

This year was the year of the Spider, so we had a lot of web warriors. But this year we have gotten what many consider the definitive Spider-man in the Renew Your Vows Spider-man. Black Suit and Iron Spider took second with a shared 16% and third place was Bag-man with 13%. Since I know some will ask Amazing Fantasy only 9%.

Best X-men

Best figure based on an X-men member or villain.

Spiral – 34%

Another overwhelming victory with Spiral taking this year best X-men figure. Dark Pheonix and Mojo managed to get 19% of the votes with Toad taking 9%.

And that is the best Comic Book figures of the year as voted for by you. Let me know what you think in the comments below or on any of the social sites. The next part of the voting will be up at a later point tonight where we will vote for the best MCU/Animated/Gamerverse figures.


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