NCS – Chamber and TAS Kraven

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Yes, Yes, I know I said there wouldn’t be a new NCS until after Christmas, but I got bored today and decided to start looking at some of the figures revealed at the Livestream from a couple of weeks ago. We start off first though with an update to the Ronan The Accuser page with a look at the new Classic suit. Yes, this figure is overpriced but I honest think that is Amazon upping the price rather than Hasbro.

I also did the Kraven The Hunter (The Animated Series). Not much to say about this figure. I know some wanted it in this form, but they could have at least given him a new head. This also allowed me to create the Sergei Kravinoff (Multiverse).

Finally, we start our look at the X-men wave with one of 2 Generation X character, Chamber. I have been wanting this team for a while and glad Hasbro decided to start with Jono with his unique face and effect. We don’t know if that comes off but if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t mind as it will be displayed with this.

Since I’m only off Monday of next week before X-mas and need to post the next part of the Best of Marvel Legends, there definitely won’t be a NCS next week. But when with come back, we will look at Corsair and Fang (1 to 3).


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