News – PulseCon 2022 Summery

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. As you know today was PusleCon and Hasbro reveal a ton of stuff for ML. As always, I was at work, so I got the news late, so this is mostly for those that use this site to get the news. So, let’s just get into it.

Starting with the Haslab, they showed the Ghost Rider and Mephisto figures and tease the next tier after Mephisto which looks to be Goblin Queen.

Next figure that was leaked earlier in the day, they officially revealed a Retro Iron Man figure. The figure comes not only with the Proton Cannon from the Marvel VS Capcom game but also with both comic and Animated head plus a bunch of extra effects. This is exclusive to Pulse or their international partners.

The stream then crashed for a bit but during it they revealed that Pulse will also be getting a new 3-pack based on Daredevil. DD is on the new Spider-man RYV build with a new white suit Elektra on the double elbow body with big hair swappable head and a repainted Bullseye.

They then started revealing parts of some waves starting with a character they teased before, the Orb. They then revealed Molecule Man which look to be using a new build. Both of these are rumored to be part of the next Avengers wave with Ultimate Cap, Extremis Iron Man, Yelena Belova and Baron Von Strucker. No word on the BAF or when it’s up for Pre-order.

The next Walgreen exclusive will be Moonstone, which sports the new double-jointed elbow. This will be the last in this Villains theme line until they change it next year.

They next showed off the start of the next Disney + wave with a look at What If…? Gamora. This is rumored to be part of the next wave with Nick Fury, Talos, Kingpin, Agatha, Yelena and a yet unknown hero.

Next, we got the next X-men retro wave, which we actually didn’t know anything about. This wave will consist of Training Suit Wolverine, Longshot, Classic Multiple Man, Dark Pheonix, Avalanche and Spiral. This is up for pre-order from all retailers.

They then started showing off some of the 60th Anniversary X-men set. They reveal Banshee and Storm, both in training suits. They will be part of a 3-pack with Gambit + Psylocke and Forge + Jubilee respectively. They then reveal a new slightly remolded Stryfe which is said to be part of a five pack with Vertigo, Pretty Boy, Random and Zero.

The next VHS/Animated figure will be Cyclops. Like the rest, this is a Pulse exclusive and is up for Pre-order now and will be the last one for a while. But it wasn’t they only Animated figure as they confirmed that next year they will start doing Spider-man animated figure in the VHS packaging starting with Black Suit Spider-man and Carnage. No figure was shown yet.

They ended the stream with a tease for both Doc Ock with bendy wire as well as the Starjammers (most likely for the next X-men wave). Neither was shown. However they weren’t done as during an interview, they revealed that Walmart will be getting a new First Appearance Star-Lord. This will be up next week for their Collector-Con.


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