Retro NCS – Eel and Iron Skull

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back at the final Captain America Civil war wave by looking at the Abomination wave. Nothing really to say about this wave except I remember there was 2 listings, one with Tigra and King Cobra, another with Wonder Man and Captain Britain. It was confusing at the time as we didn’t know what we would get. Anyway, I have already done an NCS for Captain America, Scarlet Witch (MCU), Captain Britain, Wonder Man and the BAF Abomination (which I’m surprise hasn’t been release as a deluxe yet) so let talk about Red Skull (Cartoon) (No, seriously. why did we get this?) and Eel. Yes, this is the Lavell version and not the Stryke version. I checked five times to make sure they didn’t wear the same colors.

Before we move on, we must talk about what was the next wave in the line as it is a signature wave for the line. For many years, X-men were limited to Exclusives. Many believe this was due to Disney fight with Fox over the movie rights. However, there was a huge demand for the X-men, so Hasbro created the first X-men wave that was fully comic base. The wave was really a testing wave as we had all the characters in that wave at some point in the past but that didn’t matter as the wave sold out everywhere. To say it was a success was an understatement as at this point the line that was spilt into two line (Avengers and Spider-man) was now spilt into three main lines, Avengers, Spider-man, and X-men. This has continued to this day and while there have been some short-term sublines (ie the F4 line) these 3 lines continue to see success after success.

Next time we will begin our look at the first Dr. Strange wave with a look at the only Runaway we have so far, Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm.


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