NCS – Mr. Negative (Comics and Gamerverse)

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s been a while since Hasbro announced something and on the same day, I did a NCS for that character without having to worry about spoilers or the likes. Well today, after they announced the 2-pack, I jumped straight into researching and have posted the NCS for Mr. Negative (the comic version) and Mr. Negative (Gamerverse). I know what some people will say but given that the Gamerverse figure is extremely close to the comic design, I say you can definitely use it as a comic version. (Plus, my site my rules). I also added Martin Li (Multiverse) to the Alternates page

As for the Inner Demons, since they are army builders, I won’t be doing the NCS for those for a while.

Next time (hopefully Monday), unless they reveal something else, we will look at Speed Demon.


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