Retro NCS – Thundra

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we start and in case you missed it, I had to remove the image of the Thor: Love and Thunder wave. I found out that Disney is issuing DMCA (aka copyright claims) against site that host it and I ain’t fighting the Mouse. I will leave the information about what is in the wave in the post.

Anyway, today we finish off the Hulkbuster wave by looking at what people in the 70’s thought was what being a feminist was, Thundra (Femizon). No, I’m serious. She lives in a world ruled by women, with men being used as slaves, tried to prove her strength by defeating the strongest man (most cases the Thing) and would belittle men. She has been written better these days though.

I have also added the following Alternatives:

Next time we will be begin our look at the only Ant-man wave so far and look at Wonder Man and Vision’s insane brother, The Grim Reaper.

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