NCS – Maria Hill, Munin and Hugin

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we continue our look at the Controller wave by looking at what are essentially 3 accessories. First off, we look at the former Director of SHIELD and the swappable head/arms/hands that come with Quake, Maria Hill. I’m glad we are getting this option to make Maria Hill. I have the 2-pack version, but it looks bad compared to the newer version. Just a reminder, while it’s your money and you have every right to army build, I would recommend not going overboard with buying multiple of this figure. Hasbro will re-release it as their Pulse exclusive army builders.

We also have an extremely quick look at the two Ravens that come with the new Thor figure, Munin and Hugin. These are the crows that Odin usually uses. Honestly there is no need to read them both as they are almost exactly the same, with a few names differently. Hell, we don’t even know which Raven died in the War of the Realm or if both of the crows that Thor used afterwards are the same.

Next time we will look at the BAF of the wave, the Controller.

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