NCS – What If …? Episode 1 – Watcher, Carter, and Stomper

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday, Disney + began streaming the What if…? cartoon on their streaming service, with the first episode being about What if Peggy Carter become a super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers? (That’s not a spoiler. It’s litterally what the episode and many promotional material had). Like I promised, I will be doing the NCS for the Disney+ The Watchers wave for every episode these character appears. None of these have any spoilers so don’t worry.

We start off with probably the main star of the series since he is narrating every episode, The Watcher (MCU). Please note that this version of Uatu is the MCU equivalent, not just the What If Series. You see, in the What If comics, Uatu has the ability to look into and exists in various different timelines. He is the one who tells us the stories of these timelines. As such you can think of it has Uatu existing in all these universe at the same time. Sure in the comics, there are different universes where it is a different Uatu, who could even be dead, but his mind and memories is shared among them.

Also up today we have a look at the first hero of the series, Captain Carter (What If….? Cartoon). This is not the first time that Peggy has become a super-soldier. The concept actually originated in the game Marvel’s Puzzle Quest. She was one of many Captain America characters (yes she was called Captain America) that was created for version games as part Captain America’s 75th anniversary. It was the same for Civil Warrior (Gamerverse) and Contest of Champions. She would also make the jump into the comics and become a part of one of the most recent Exiles team.

Finally we have the big hunky walking tank with the name of Hydra Stomper (What If….? Cartoon). Not much to say about this except to say it you are getting Peggy, you may want to get this behemoth. We currently don’t know if it will appear again though but the showrunners have said that Peggy will be appearing in most series of What If…?

That’s it for this week’s post What If…?. It should be noted that the only reason I’m doing it today is because I happen to be off work. From now one these will more then likely be up on Mondays, unless there is no character from the wave that was in episode like will be the case next week so on the coming Monday it will be Psycho-man.

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