News – Fan Fest Thursday Live Updates

Please reload every few minutes for live updates.

Hi my fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s Fan First Thursday so that mean new reveals. I will be covering the reveals as they are announced so be sure to reload the page every few minutes to updates. Images will go up after the event.

  • Stream starts
  • Going over the Infinity Saga line
    • Endgame Warrior Thor
    • AOU Quicksilver
    • Odin – removable Helmet, Mention of the Warriors Three
    • Endgame Iron Man MK 85 + Thanos – Showing the Iron Man neck articulation. Thanos has improved articulation.
    • Amazon Exclusive Endgame Captain Marvel and Rescue – Gauntlet can be put on any normal size figure.
    • Iron Man MKIII -MKII hinted as a repaint.
    • Iron Monger 2-pack
    • Target Exclusive Iron Man 3 Happy Hogan and MK
    • Walmart Exclusive Infinity War Cap
    • Thor Ragnorak Surtur
  • Roleplaying Gear
    • Eye of Agamotto – still up for preorder
    • Iron Man Nano Gauntlet – the infinity stone are removable and are magnetized
  • Comic figure time!!
    • AOA wave 2
      1. Legion (616 figure)
      2. AOA Magneto – 2 head (masked and unmasked, 2 effects and 2 sets of hands).
      3. AOA Rogue – 2 sets of hands
      4. AOA Cyclops
      5. AOA Iceman – clear blue plastic, 2 sets of hands
      6. AOA Shadowcat – swappable claws gauntlets, 2 sets of hands
      7. AOA Sabretooth – 2 head (snarling and smirk, 2 set of hands, uses a similar to colossus build.
      8. BAF is AOA Colossus – huge, 2 sets of Hands, hand bands is movable
    • The wave will go up for preorder later today.
    • Spider-man retro – Spider-man 2099 – 3 set of hands, new redeco
    • retro 3.75 wave 4
      • US Agent- 6inch version hinted
      • Loki
      • Symbiote Spider-man
      • Storm First Appearance
      • Stealth Iron Man
      • Silver Surfer
    • Tigra !!!!!  Updated Pinless figure. Possible Avengers wave coming with Hercules?
    • Meggan / Lionheart teased with Lockheed

Spider-man 2099 Retro

Age of Apocalypse Wave 2


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