NCS – Iron Monger and more

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we may not have had a reveal today (more on Thursday though), that doesn’t mean I have nothing to talk about today. Heck, we got a character reveal last Friday that I have yet to do an NCS of. Of course I am talking about Iron Monger. I find it ironic that a character with only 3 years in comic is considered a iconic villain to Iron Man. It should also be noted that the Iron Monger baf was essentially the first of Hasbro’s push to make each wave have a theme, usually based on a movie. Sure, they tried and failed to do it before the “rest period” but it was this line that really made it so that every wave now follows a theme. Just wished they didn’t spilt it into 2 shipping.

We also look at the Iron Monger (MCU) 2-pack. This version actually had a figure in the movies own line but that was way under scaled and didn’t fit properly in a Marvel Legends line. This set is much more in scale. Plus having a Jeff Bridges action figure is great as well.

Finally I have updated the Captain America (MCU) by replacing the older Infinity war Cap with the much better Infinity Saga figure. Honestly if you don’t think this is an improvement, get glasses.

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