Rumor – New Iron Man wave?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. If you have been following JayC on, you will probably have heard that he was hinting at a possible Iron Man wave that is set to include the Ultron figure revealed previously. As always remember this is just a rumor.

Quoting JayC, The wave is rumoured to include:

  1. “Classic Ultron
  2. Darkstar (Unknown if this will feature her classic look or a more modern one)
  3. Iron Man Modular Armor
  4. Iron Heart
  5. Guardsman (My info was not clear if this will be just a regular classic Guardsman or possibly a more specific version like maybe Curtis Elkins who was part of The Jury. Granted the Sentry version would seemingly be more fitting for a Venom themed wave, but we will have to see.)
  6. Hologram – (The assumption is that this will be an Iron Man figure, possibly the more modern Model 68 version.)
  7. Iron Man Stealth – (There have been several versions of the Stealth Armor featured in the comics over the years, and I have no idea which specific one the figure will actually be based on. My best guess would be that they will repaint the recent Alex Ross Iron Man figure with stealth colors, but we will have to wait and see.)”

As always there is no word on the BAF as these are store listings.


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