Rumor – Rektangular Leaks 28th Aug 2020

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Our Friend Rektangular is at it again. Check out his latest video of some new Marvel Legends leaks.

To Summerize:

  • He confirms rumor that JayC mentioned in his last videos of a Spider-Verse wave. This seem to be the first wave of 2020. Spider-man has always been the First wave anyway, but they seem to be including figures from the Into The Spider-verse movies and comics.
    • The wave is RUMORed to include
      • Movie Miles Morales
      • Movie Peter B Parker
      • Movie Spider-Gwen
      • (amusing) Movie Prowler
      • Comic Frog Man (To go with White Rabbit)
      • Hand Ninja
      • BAF is rumored to be Stilt-man
  • Additional Figures that he mentioned (single carded)
    • J. Jonah Jameson
    • Black Cat
    • Firestar with Ms. Lion

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