News – Sentinel Funded and Tier 1 revealed

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Yesterday I told you that Hasbro has announced that they are starting a crowdfunding campaign for a new Sentinel (and Bastion) figure. At $350 dollar, they needed 6000 backer in order to get the figure made. Today, just over 24hrs after, they not only got fund, they surpassed 6000 backers (granted many of them are multiple donations). The Star Wars and Transformers only manage to get the backing close to the end!

To celebrate, Hasbro reveal what the next Tier would be. If they get 7000 backers, they will include a swappable head of the Master Mold. This is great for people that didn’t want another Sentinel as you can use this as a brand new character. As of writing this, there is currently 6,732 backers, so yeah this is getting made, no doubt about to that. Hopefully later tonight they will reveal the 2nd tier.

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