News! Hi-Res Images and what we know

Hasbro had the Livestream presentation today and I went through what they basically said but now I have Hi-Res Images so I thought I’d go through what’s coming and what we know. If I missed anything (beside the Gamestop Hulk) let me know.

First up the earliest wave we knew about, the Age Of Apocalypse wave, which is up for Pre-order at various etailers at the moment will consist of all AOA characters – Jean Grey, Weapon X, Sunfire, X-man, Morph, Wild Child and Dark Beast with the BAF being Sugar Man.

Next is the Avengers Gamerverse wave which is also up for PO. This wave will consist of Game versions of Captain America, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel (her paint is different and she now has new arms and boots) alongside comic versions of Captain Mar-vell, Leader, Rage and Mach-I with the BAF being Game version of Abomination.

Those are the 2 complete waves so lets get onto stuff we don’t have a full wave of yet. First the Deadpool wave which will consist of – X-men Blue and Yellow Deadpool, X-force Sunspot, X-Force Warpath, Black Tom Cassidy and Maverick with the Strong Guy BAF. We still have at least 1 or 2 figures for this wave, which I’m going to assume is a female figure. No confirmed release date for this but it’s rumored for the Fall.

The new wave (although they didn’t say which wave) seem to consist of only 2 figure at the moment that being Venomized Mile Morales and Gwenom. It’s obvious this is for the Venom wave so expect more to be revealed at SDCC with a fall release date. (Check the exclusive section for the Cap)

For you vintage collectors, Hasbro today announced that they will be doing a Spider-man Vintage line, which will have the figures on the Spider-man Animated tv show’s toyline of the 90’s. They only showed 3 figures from that line but more will come. The wave so far will consist of Peter Parker with a camera and half masked face (similar to older depiction of how he got a spider-sense while in civilian clothing), Gwen Stacy with a MJ head if you missed the previous version and finally a brand new build of a Classic Spider-man with a second head. Rumor has it that the rest of the wave will be Daredevil, Electro and Green Goblin. No word or rumors of a release date.

The Riders line got a new figure in the form of the Punisher. He will come with a black version of Cap’s bike, a baseball bat, 2 heads and a War of the Realms viking helmet (shown in the Showroom). No word on a release date.

For people wanting more deluxe figures like the Black Widow, Hasbro announced new comic book basic Classic War Machine. It will come will tons of blast effects as well as a unmasked head. Also coming in the Deluxe line is an Age of Apocalypse…………………..Apocalypse. This is a BAF size figure similar to the recent Venom and Red Hulk and comes with 2 heads as well as a skull for him to hold. No release date confirmed but you should know these are NOT exclusives.

Onto the Exclusives and I’ll run through these as fast as I can.

Walgreen will get a new Iron Man 2020 figure in thanks to it being the year 2020. Please note this is NOT the same 2020 Iron man that is currently in the comic but an alternate future version. (They did not announce the Moon Knight I talked about.) This is up for pre-order on the Walgreen site for the US and etailer for UK/EU costumer now.

Hasbro Pulse has a Hydra Soldier figure up on their site for order right now, going for less then $15 dollars. No word on whether other countries will get it.

Walmarts gets a few figures, a Venomized Captain America for fall and a Movie version of Cable with no word on a release date. Before anyone says it, No. Hasbro did NOT say if Domino was a 2 pack with this. So far as we know only Cable is exclusive to Walmart.

Target got the most exclusives, Red Hulk I announced a few days ago, which should go up for PO soon-ish, A Gamerverse Space suit Iron man, which should be up for Pre-order now and a set that will include Classic / First Appearance Storm. It should be noted that Hasbro said that Storm will be part of a set with other figure, which haven’t been announce so we will have to wait a while for that to go up for PO.

The Final excuse I wanna talk about is the Movie version white Shirt Wolverine, which is up on Amazon for PO right now for a August/ September September release date.

Finally we go onto the stuff we don’t know. These are figures that we have no idea how or where they will be release. I’ll split this into 2 sections, comics and X-movies. First off, we have an Old Man Hawkeye using a brand new sculpt that will hide the pegs in the figure. There is also an Old Man Logan with a Bady Hulk. I’m going to assume both of these will be part of a set but they never said anything. Also announced during the Marvel Livestream was a Nimrod figure. There seems to be some confusing on whether this is a BAF for an upcoming wave OR a deluxe figure. Hasbro hasn’t said which yet. Lastly there was a Legacy Rogue figure using a whole new sculpt. No idea where this is going as of now. Also don’t worry about the lack on white streaks in her hair as this is only a prototype and the final figure will have her trademark hair.

As for the X-movie figure while they did announce alot, there seems to be a bit of confusing on how or where they will be release. They announced another Wolverine (based on the first movie), a Mystique and a Domino. All three of these don’t have an exact type of release, single, 2-pack or box set. What we do know is that there will be 2 2-packs. First will be of Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead and the other will be a Prof X and Magneto which will come with both actor heads for both characters. Again no word on when or how these will be released.

And that’s pretty much all we know at this point. There was the confirmation of an Eternals line and a Disney+ line with “Falcon and Winter Soldier” and “Wandavision” all having some kind of product in Fall as well as the confirmation of a Sentinel figure for Haslab but nothing was shown so wait on those. The next major reveal is SDCC in the Summer so expect more then, if Hasbro doesn’t release more info in the meantime.

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