News! Hasbro Livestream Breakdown

Hasbro just finished their Livestream and they have alot of reveals, some that weren’t even rumoured. We have a ton to get through so let get jump into it.

First of all they said that they were not revealing any Eternals stuff until at least SDCC.

As for the first reveal, because it’s the year 2020 they announced a Iron Man 2020 figure. This is based on the alternate future version, Not the one from the current run in comics. This will be exclusive to Walgreens and will go up for PO soon.

Next they confirmed that Venom Cap is a Walmart Exclusive and that Mile and Gwen are part of a TBA wave (seriously guys, we know it’s the Venom wave).

Those who missed out on any of the Hydra Trooper set can now purchase them directly from Hasbro Pulse, which should be up for Pre-order now.

The Fan vote will start soon for Pulse member and will be sold for Pulse members only. It should be noted that unlike the other Fan Poll, only the winner will get a figure (unless something happens). The Choices are White costume (for all), Silk, Sif and Elektra. My Vote goes to Elektra.

The next Riders set was reveal and those that thought we were getting a Punisher van would be disappointed as it was revealed to be a Punisher on a Motorcycle.

They “announced” the Gamerverse wave with the wave consisting on GV Cap, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel (she is mostly the same has the other version but with different paint as well as arms and legs) alongside COMIC Mar-Vell, Rage, Leader and Mach-1. The BAF is a GV Abominations.

they also announced a Space Armor Iron Man that will be exclusive to Target.

They then announced the Sugar Man BAF.

We also got 2 more figures for the Deadpool wave, that has Strong Guy as the BAF. Joining X-men Deadpool, X-force Sunspot and Warpath we have 2 brand new character in the form of Maverick and my fellow Irish Man Black Tom Cassidy. There is still at least one more figure for this wave if not 2.

The rumored Spider-man vintage line has been confirmed. The back card is based on the 90’s animated show’s toyline. It will include a Civilian Peter Parker with a Camera and Half and Half face to imitiate him having a spider-sense, Gwen Stacy with a MJ head and a brand new sculpt Classic Spider-man with an FA Head. That all they showed but rumor has it the rest will include Daredevil, Electro and Green Goblin.

They then announced some brand new deluxe set the first being a brand new and long awaited Classic War Machine. It will come with a load of blast effect. Those wondering why the AOA wave didn’t have the character it is named after don’t worry as he is coming in a new deluxe set. Not sure if the skull comes with him but it would be cool if he did.

They then announced some figure that used their new No-Pin figure. They haven’t announced how the following will be released. First they announced a Old Man Hawkeye as well as his Travel mate Old Man Logan, who comes with a Baby Hulk.

For X-men fans they showed the Nimrod figure announced earlier as well as telling us he will comes with a Classic head. They also announced a Legacy Rogue figure, which was orignally supposed to be release in the Puck wave. This is a whole new sculpt. They announced a Classic/FA Storm for what seems to be a multi-pack for Target. Are we getting a Giant Size X-men box set?

Finally we got the biggest surprise. After decades without making any Fox Movie properties, Thanks to Disney buying Fox, Hasbro announced that they will be making X-men Movie figure. A load of X-men Movie figures. Wolverine, Mystique, Domino, Cable (which is a Walmart Exclusive), Deadpool and Negasonic Teenage Warhead 2-pack, Professor x and Magneto 2-pack (with both set of actors heads) and finally another Wolverine as a Amazon Exclusive.

They didn’t officially announce it but Hasbro ended the show but announcing that the next Haslab program will be a Sentinel figure.

More figure may be shown at the Showroom so check back for that.

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