Rumor!! Second Avengers Gamerverse wave and Riders wave

Wow. 2 rumors in one day. JTPrime of forum not only report on the Mechanic set, He has also reported that there may be more to be revealed next month. Last week we got word of an Avengers wave based on the upcoming Square-enix game. After that we got a listing of what could be in the wave, which JayC has pretty much confirmed were true as he has gotten word that some retailers have in their system. Just a reminder, the wave is believed to be a mixed wave with Gamerverse Iron Man, Cap and Kamala Khan and Comic (at least we believe) Captain Mar-Vell, Mach-1, Rage and The Leader. You may notice that there is only 3 Gamerverse characters in it, with Hulk being a Gamestop exclusive, that still leaves Black Widow, Thor and/or Taskmaster (since he is the only other character to have been revealed) missing.

Well, according to JTPrime, there is another assortment coming from that line. Could we be getting the remaining Characters along with more comic figures? Quite possibly. We may not find out next month and they could very well not even bother with the wave at all, like how we were supposed to get 2 Thor waves but only got the one. But it is something to look forward to. No word on what is in the wave though.

The second piece of rumor is that there is going to be another Riders set. This is actually not surprising as this has been reported by Rektangular a few month back. He reported it may be a Hawkeye set but it is not confirmed yet.

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