Rumor!! – Avengers Exclusive “Mechanic” set

With Toyfair less then a month away, rumors and leak will comes flying out of the wood works. Last week we had the rumor listing for the Avengers Gamerverse, which looked to be a mix of Comic and Gamerverse figures and while it had been known for a while, we also got a semi-confirmation that there will be an Eternals and second Venom wave for the movies, though no figures or listings have been confirmed.

Today it seems we have another new rumor. JTPrime, from the‘s forums has post some interesting port arrivals.

Quoting him:

Apologies if this doesn’t belong here. Ok so I have been receiving import notices via Panjiva. Hasbro is one of the companies that you are able to check. The following Items have Arrived in port in the U.S and are waiting to shipped to their various Distributors. All are known but one.

  • E8673 Black Widow Deluxe Fan series
    • The white suit deluxe figure reveal a few weeks back
  • E9658 Stan Lee 6 inch Legend
    • Not out til at least May
  • E8761 Black Widow Legends Case Assortment
    • The Crimson Dynamo wave
  • E8712 Black Widow Legends Exclusive White Suit (Target Exclusive)
    • The figure revealed last week
  • E8713 Black Widow Legends Exclusive Grey Suit (Walmart Exclusive)
    • the figure revealed last week
  • And The New one.
  • E8710 Avengers Legends Exclusive “Mechanic”

It’s codenamed unfortunately, but since stock is already in the U.S and toyfair around the corner it shouldn’t be too long until we see what it is.

Like you can see, the set is codenamed so we don’t what it is, whether it’s a single figure, 2-pack, 3-pack or a whole box set. Given the name my guess is it has something to do with Iron man, the gmerverse series or maybe Hasbro are jumping the gun with the Black Widow figures and are given us a War Widow figure. Let Me know what you think.

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