Survey- Best of 2019 suggestions

Hey My Fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s November and in the coming week, we will be having our annual Best Marvel Legends of 2019 awards (no prizes to the winner obviously). For those who don’t know , each week I will post a poll asking you what was the best _ for the years. This will be split up into various categories to make it easier to choose.

You may be asking why am I announcing this now. Well this year I want you to vote on a new category for the awards. It can be anything but the one that will be listed below. Also for those wondering why it’s in November and not December, it’s basically because most stuff has come out with the exception of the Alpha Flight box set and Maybe the Spider-man and F4 wave but the last 2 are for spring of next year so if they do get released early they will not count (Alpha Flight will though).

The Categories are (I will explain them in more details when the polls go up)./:

  • Best Accessories
  • Best BAF
  • Best Packaging
  • Best Exclusive Singles
  • Best Exclusive 2-pack
  • Best Exclusive Multi-pack (3 or more)
  • Comic Based –
    • Best Newcomer
    • Best remake of a previous figure
    • Best re-release
    • Best villain character
    • Best female character
    • Best new costume
    • Best Spider-person
    • Best X-men
  • MCU based
    • Best Newcomer
    • Best Remake
    • Best Re-release
    • Best Villain
    • Best Female
    • Best new costume
  • Best overall figure of the year.

Now it’s your turn. Please enter below what category you want to see in this years Best of awards. Please note that “Worst of” will not be accepted as every time I do them people give out to me about it.

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