Lasher get 2 pages, More P2P and a special shoutout

Hi guys. When I was working through the older Post (to turn them into pages), I decided to separate Lasher and his Host Ramon Hernandez into 2 separate pages. The reason is simply because I believe that the Host and the Symbiotes are 2 separate character. Evident to this is the fact that Venom and Eddy Brock talk to each other as does Flash Thompson, Cletus Kassidy and others. I will be doing this with all the symbiotes from now on. But don’t just think it will be copied and pasted as I have rewritten the Ramon page with a separate storyline.

More P2P:

Also a special shoutout to Jimi Brooks for promoting the site on his own site where he does his own Ideal wave for the “Far from Home” movie –


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