Old Posts to Pages

Some may have noticed that some old posts are gone. Worry not they are not gone. They have been replaced with Pages. Why am I doing this? It just makes it easier to edit and stuff. I also want to redo all the old posts into newer pages. 

I will also be adding stuff at the bottom of the pages that will list characters allies, family, foes, teams, etc eventually and this will made it easier to do. I have been using the Spider-man page as a testing for this. I have only added the Creators as I want to redo all the pages first before them. 

I will be posting post that will bring you to the pages from now on. However this will only be for NCS. News, Ideal wave and such will be posts.

Check it out here – https://nearcompleteset.com/spider-man-peter-parker-marvel-prime/


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