News! – Paris Comic Con

Bonjour, mes compagnons accros au plastique! In case you didn’t get that very bad Google translate, Hello, my fellow plastic addicts! Why am I speaking French? Because Hasbro was over in Paris this weekend where they had a panel for their product and revealed a number of figure for the Marvel Legends line.

First up they confirmed that Genis-Vell is indeed part of the Captain Marvel Kree Sentry wave. He joins Movie versions of Capt Marv, Talos, Nick Fury and Starforce Commander with the Kree Sentry being part of that wave.

They also revealed the next figure for that wave in the form of Grey Gargoyle. The long time Iron Man and Thor villain will finally be joining the Marvel Legends line. This mark another addition of  Mandarin’s henchmen from the 90’s cartoon. Are they building up a possible Mandarin figure? There is rumored to a 7th figure to the wave,which is again rumored to be Classic Ms Marvel.


They also revealed another figure for the Avengers wave. Joining the only officially confirmed Hercules, is classic Loki. If Beta Ray Bill, Nighthawk and Living Lazer are included in this wave as well, then this wave is very Thor heavy. Maybe a Classic Thor for complete it.

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Loki Figure (Avengers wave)__scaled_600

And that is currently all we know from Both cons. There is a panel on Sunday in the London MCM where we might get some more reveals. If there is I will let you guys know.

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