Rumor! Vintage Wave 2

Youtuber Rektangular has post a new listing that he believes will be a second wave of Vintage figures. Rekt has always been on point with his reveals so I expect to see these revealed at the SDCC in a couple of months.


As seem to be the case recently, this wave is miles better then the first wave. Just some thoughts on the possible version.

  • Ant-man – Probably a repaint of the Black Ant (Walgreen’s Ant-man) in classic colors, maybe a new head.
  • Wasp – More then likely a re-release of the Ant-man wave version or repaint that into the hundred other versions.
  • Black Panther – I guessing this will be the more recent Walmart Exclusive (the one with the pink highlights) but in a all black version
  • Vision – A repaint of the 3 newer versions (mostly the same figure) in classic colors
  • Hawkeye – I think it will be the Odin wave version with 2 Skin arm instead of one metal one in classic color.
  • Scarlet Spider- Straight re-release of the Rhino wave version.

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