ToyFair 2018 – A whole bunch of Marvel Legends!!

Today was the day of the New York Toy Fair, one of the biggest Toy event of the year. While I couldn’t attend (being that I live in Ireland) the team at were there to give us all the news they can.

Starting with the next Spider-man wave, we got a chance to see the full wave in action. This wave confirms the rumour and listing from a few weeks back. In this wave we will be getting:

  • House of M Spider-man (the Spider-man from the House of M universe),
  • a brand new Kaine Scarlet Spider on a new buck with stingers from his wrist and and unmasked head
  • a Doc Ock on a brand new chubby body
  • Cloak and Dagger. Dagger comes with a energy effect and Cloak’s cape can stand on it’s own without the body.
  • ANAD Daredevil from his most recent run of the books
  • And a update Classic Elektra
  • The BAF is SP//DR from the Spider-verse

The X-men wave got it’s final  2 figure in the form of Uncanny X-men Magneto and Classic Sabretooth. They will join Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Classic Psylocke, Punk Storm, Multiple Man and Gladiator with BAF Apocalypse.

The second Avengers wave got more figures.

  • Black Knight will be coming with a classic, UK and Sir Percy Head.
  • Malekith from the SDCC exclusive will get a rerelease with new colors.
  • Movie Ant-man and Wasp are also confirmed for this wave.
  • No word on what the BAF is but the rumored listing include MCU Black Widow and Thor. 

Venom wave got some more reveals confirming most of the listings.

  • Venom and Carnage will both come with alternate unmasked heads
  • Scream is confirmed adding another character to the Life Foundation team.
  • Spider-ham is confirmed with a Pork Grind head.
  • Finally Poison from the recent Venomverse has been confirmed as well.
  • No word on the BAF but the final figure is rumoured to be Typhoid Mary.

The final wave revealed was Deadpool. Joining X-men Deadpool, Lady Pool and Omega Red we have:

  • Headpool (with Lady Deadpool)
  • Bishop in his classic costume
  • Pantless Deadpool
  • and the BAF Sauron (FINALLY)!!!!
  • The last figure is rumoured to be X-23 in her Wolverine gear.

The Ultimate Riders line also got a new set with Logan and his bike joining the series. This set will also coming with a Patch head sculpt (Logan with a eyepatch) from his days in Madripoor.


Celebrating the MCU 10th anniversary, Hasbro are releasing a number of long sought after figures from the franchise:

  • A WalMart exclusive will have Tony Stark and his MKI armor in a two pack
  • The MK VII armor from the Avengers
  • A TRU Exclusive with Pepper Potts, Trevorin and Hot Rod Iron Man
  • Ronan will be coming to Gamestop, BBTS and EE
  • Target will get a Hulk Buster and Hulk figure
  • Cap will be coming with Crossbone
  • Ant-man will come with Yellowjacket
  • Red Skull will have interchange parts to make him into a number of Hydra Soldiers
  • Thor will come with Sif

These will come in a special box that can be combine to create mural.


During their panel Hasbro also talked about a number of exclusives that they didn’t show on the shop floor. Hopefully they will released the images with their press package that they usually give sites either Sunday or Monday.

The exclusives include:

  • A Target 2-pack with a rerelease of Killmonger with Agent Ross
  • TRU will get 2 more exclusive with Ant-man being joined by his daughter in her Stinger outfit. The Days Of Futures Past Set gets confirmation as a repaint of the MU Sentinel and the Old Man Logan with a new head.
  • They finally showed off the Thing figure for Walgreen with 2 head and confirmed that we are getting a new Silver Surfer with glittering effects.

As always I will be updating the old character with the new stuff and adding the New characters when I get around to it. Remember it’s the older one first then the new guys.





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