Best Of Marvel Legends 2017 – Best Build A Figure

Welcome Back Plastic Addicts. 2017 was a bit of a weird year for Build a Figure, aka BAF. Hasbro tried to experiment with some new concepts with the Build a Vehicle but many fans complained that it should have been included with the actual figure that it was intend for (but given the size of it, it wouldn’t fit in the package). They also got some hate from the fact that they had questionable BAF for a couple of waves particularly the Man-thing and the Mantis wave. For the Man-Thing it was more the case of people questioning whether we needed a new figure of him or whether he fit in with the rest of the figures in this wave. They also didn’t like that they didn’t get a Kingpin for the BAF but truthfully he would have been better off as a BAF for a Spidey wave. For Mantis, it was just the case of her being a normal size figure or that the BAF was a MCU figure instead of Comic figure in a MCU heavy wave (could have been another comic figure since most of the wave was MCU) but that would have left out Mantis from being made. Lastly there is Titus, which was a nice addition but too obscure for some people. In fact he was the only one who didn’t get a vote this time with the second last getting at least 4 vote.

By now, if you had read the paragraph above, have guest what the runner-up and winners are for this year. Just a reminder of what we were looking for. I asked you to look at the character, the sculpt, the paint and the value for money after collecting all the wave.

3rd Place


Taking third place we have the most surprise announcement in last years SDCC, the X-men wave’s Warlock. I don’t think anyone was expecting this figure to be made ever. So it came as huge surprise when Hasbro announced him as this year’s X-men BAF. And this figure is glorious. It’s taller then most figure with a whole new fully detailed sculpt  and a beautifully metallic bronze and gold paint. Not only that but it came with an extra saw hand. This figure just made the best Wave of 2017 all the more sweeter.

2nd place


Taking second place we have the first BAF of the year Sandman. We did get a sand-form  Sandman in the SDCC exclusive of 2016 but so we all knew we were getting a regular green stripped version at some point. Well he was released as the BAF for the first Spider-man wave and man was it ever a improvement. While he uses the Absorbing Man build, he comes with whole new arms and these are incredibly sculpted. They also hand swappable hand with a hammer and mace that could be fitted onto either arms.  He also came with 2 heads one with a normal head and another with what can only be described as him been shot in the head. The only downside is he didn’t come with normal arms.

Overall Winner

Gladiator Hulk

And the best Build A Figure of the Year goes to Gladiator Hulk. While we are still waiting on Hasbro to release of perfect comic version of the Hulk, they released a brilliantly sculpted and painted Hulk from the recent Thor: Ragnarok. While he was only in this form for relatively short time, it was something fans wanted (and expected) since they saw him in the trailer. While he is a bit shorter then the movie he is a fantastic figure. Hopefully, Hasbro will work to give us a Comic book Hulk at some point.

Well that’s what you guys voted for the best BAF of the Year. Don’t think that Hulk deserves to win. Well is was actually extremely close with only 1 vote between the 2.


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