Best Of Marvel Legends 2017 – Best Single Comic Book Female Figure

This is the year 2017. However Hasbro seems to be under the same idea that female figures don’t sell. Well, some one needs to get Hasbro a proper sales chart, because female figure sell like hot cakes. Welcome back Plastic addicts to the third part of the Best of Marvel Legends 2017 with the Best Single Comic Book Based Female figure. Just like the male side of things I asked you to choose female based figure that is based on their comic book version rather then their MCU figure (something some people don’t seem to get).

This year alone we have had a ton of female figures. The Sandman wave not only gave us our first female figure of the year but also our fist American Muslim figure ever with Ms Marvel. Fan Poll winner Angela was put in the first wave of GOTG instead of the Thor wave in order to give it to us faster. We finally got long requested character Polaris and Dazzler in the Warlock wave. The only female figure then was the Thor wave’s Lady Thor.

However it was the exclusives where the ladies dominated. Jessica Jones finally got a Comic book figure in her Jewel Costume in the Defenders box set. Captain Marvel (Danvers) was the Subscription bonus this year. Lady Thor was the center piece of the SDCC exclusive set (was released again in the Thor wave). We got our first civilian Character with Mary Jane Watson in a 2-pack with her husband. We got regular Phoenix so it came as no surprise that we would get Dark Phoenix with her husband. We got our first ever all female box set with the A-Force set, with She-Hulk being the only repeat character. Joining her was Singularity, Monica Rambaeu, Elsa Bloodstone, Sif and Lady Loki (though the last one might not be a new character.) Sue Storm started off the Fantastic Four figure we will be getting from Walgreens with Medusa joining her soon after.

The response from this was a bit lower then the rest with some basically stopping at this question. But none the less we have our winner. But as always let see who are the runner-ups.

3rd Place

4-way Tie:

Thor Wave Lady Thor | Warlock Wave Polaris | Walgreen Exclusive Invisible Woman | Toy-R-Us Exclusive A-Force Elsa Bloodstone

As you can see the votes for third place was really divided. First we have Lady Thor which boost nearly a whole new sculpt and completes the All-new, All-Different Avengers. Next we have the extremely goofy yet extremely awesome Disco Dazzler!! Invisible Woman made quite an impacted when she was release. Weird we could find her since she was Invisible. (Sorry. Bad joke). Lastly we have someone I’m real surprised got alot of likes, Elsa Bloodstone. She really was the stand out figure of that set.

2nd Place

Toys-R-Us Exclusive Dark Phoenix


Taking second place with nearly triple the score of the third place runner-up is Dark Phoenix. When Hasbro released regular green Phoenix last year we knew she would be repainted into this version. While she uses mostly the same mold it has been redone to perfection. There is no longer high heels which causes the older figure to fall. She also came with 3 heads, the calm Jean Grey, the one where she is using her psychic powers and the “Oh-My-God!-She-Destroyed-A-Galaxy” crazy head. Not only that but but she came with a small flaming bird effect that attached to her hand. Throw in that she was also packaged with a perfect John Bryne’s Cyclops and it was a set to get.

Overall Winner

Titus Wave Angela

Winning this part with a huge margin (double Dark Phoenix) is the younger sister of Thor, Angela. While is was originally created for the Spawn comic before the creator left that company and sold her to Marvel, she was instantly made a fan favourite when she first appeared in the GOTG comics. She was even the overall winner of the fan poll a few years back, beating out fan favorite Mysterio and Darkhawk. Not only did she win that poll (also by a large margin according to Hasbro) but she also gave us a whole new sculpt, one that has been used for large women like Sif. The detail on this figure is fantastic and the paint is gorgeous. This is a figure you need.


Well that the winner. What do you guys think? Agree or Disagree? Well here is the results page if you don’t believe I counted it right.

I’m hoping the next one will be the MCU male and Female figure so check back then.

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