Best of Marvel Legends 2017 – Best Single Comic Book Male Figure

Welcome back plastic addicts to the second part of the Best of Marvel Legends 2017.  As the title says, we will be finding out what you guys have voted for as the Best Single Comic book Male Figure. For this I asked you to vote for the best male figure that is based on a comic book version of a character rather then the MCU and they had to be single figure (this could have including ones from waves, multipacks and exclusives) and not BAFs. This year alone we have had over well over 40 different comic male figure this year with a load of new characters.

(In case anyone is wondering I am going by the Wiki page for this, so that why the order of release might be mixed up.)

The Sandman wave gave us 3 new Male Builds with Spider-man 2099, Spider-UK and Jackal joining Black Suited Spider-man, Green Goblin and Shocker. Titus wave saw the long waited Darkhawk and Major victory with similarly expected Kid Nova. Warlock wave gave use much need new characters Sunfire and Shatterstar while also giving us new and better versions of Cyclops, Colossus and Wolverine as Old Man Logan. Mantis wave was short on comic book figures with the inclusion of Adam Warlock (and Magus) and really obscure character Death’s Head II and Ex Nihilo. The Netflix wave cause a bit of talk with it including 2 comic book versions (which they had to) with an updated Bullseye and a comic book Blade at long last. The Gladiator Hulk didn’t really have any new builds but they did give us a Young Thor and a re-release and redone Ares. The Vulture wing wave had a good number of new characters Tombstone and the long request Classic Beetle. Spider-man also got a new figure with his cosmic version that included 2 alternate head of 2 different character with Moon Knight also getting a update.

For the Exclusive Males, Hasbro repainted and re-released the Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist for their Amazon Exclusive defenders set. Hasbro release 2 Exclusive Deadpool with the Hascon X-force and the Gamestop Black In Black. The SDCC set was Thor based so we got Thor in his Odinson form, with new characters Malekith, Ulik and his grandfather Bor. Spider-man got a number of exclusive 2 pack one with Mary-Jane in his Parker Industry version and an Ultimate Spider-man with a Ultimate Vulture as well. Cyclops got his classic costume in a 2-pack with Dark Pheonix and we also saw the first of what we hope is a new trend of army builder set with the Hydra set. We saw 2 Fantastic Four figures being released with Human Torch taken the first male member release. Black Panther got a repaint and release in as a single figure in anticipation for the Movie.

So yeah….. that’s a whole lot of male figure so I understand how it was hard for some people to choose just one. For I asked you to look at a single male figure and look at the character choice, sculpt, paint and articulation on the figure. I had a good response for this but I feel like I could have done it a bit better. So next year I will do a random selected Tournment for this. I had to do some removing and eliminating for this as some people either can read the rules, put in a BAF or some stupid answer (Batfleck!? Really? have you nothing better to do?)

Anyhow here are the winners of the Best Single Comic Book Male Figure starting of course with Third Place:

3rd Place

Tie; Man-Thing Wave Bullseye and Sandman Wave Jackal

Tying for third place we have the Man-Thing Wave Bullseye and the Sandman Wave Jackal. Both of these are amazing figure and some consider the best in those waves. Starting with the Bullseye, Hasbro has said that they were worry about doing him since the TB one was so brilliantly done. Well Hasbro worry no more as you have blown that figure out of the water. While the TB figure has better paint and sculpt, this one just look more appealing to the eye. He comes with some awesome accessories with swapable hands including a point /gun finger as well as cool effect hand showing him throwing knives. Not to mention his unmasked head. Jackal on the other hand is one of the most surprising reveals of last year due to him not being known outside of the comic. This is a brand sculpt truly show Jackal beast like costume, which make the figure stand out against the other in this wave.

2nd Place

Gladiator Hulk Wave Ares

How do you re-release a BAF that was a bad figure at the time of his release? By making him 200 times better with a better paint application and new legs. Released during the Dark Days of Hasbro has a Store exclusive, this figure became one of the rarest and expensive figure to date, some complete going as high as €200 if not more. That not even mentioning the KO version released. But Hasbro new that fans want a Ares figure for their collection but couldn’t just give us the older (and let face it, bad figure). No they decided to improve on the figure by give him a complete repaint and giving him new legs from the Odin BAF. Not only that but they included a new ax (from Lord of Asgard Thor if anyone is asking). The result is one of the best looking figures released this year with many fans thinking it could have top the charts if not for a few Articulation problems.

Grand Winner!

Warlock Wave Cyclops

Taking the grand prize a large margin is the long awaited Jim Lee Cyclops. Most fans who began reading comic in the 90’s began with the Jim Lee era of X-men. If it wasn’t that then it was the 90’s animated show. None the less, when most fans think of the classic Cyclops they think of this. (They’re wrong, it’s the John Bryne but eh! What you gonna do). We did get a figure of this in a X-men Classic long but that figure is now one of the rarest to find. Hasbro heard our cries and give us a much need update to this classic costume. And it turned out nearly perfect, with the exception of the leg straps.


Well, that’s what you guys voted to the best male figure of the year. Is it what you expected or do you think their should have been something else? Like last time I will include the result page via a link below.

Well did Cyclops win the overall best figure of the year or will a BAF take his place? Maybe a MCU character. Will a women become the winner 2 years in a row? I don’t know I haven’t counted yet but check back next Wednesday (Going to see Last Jedi on one of my days off) where we will see what was the best Comic Book Based Female Figure.

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