Hascon 2017 and First request

Hey plastic addicts. The first ever Hascon was last weekend and man did we get a load of new figures announced. Most of what was revealed are bit and pieces of various waves like Spider-man’s Lizard wave and the Deadpool wave, most of which were confirmation of rumour listings.

It should also be noted that Hasbro had to hold back a bit as they still have a bit more to reveal in the NYCC next month so alot of these waves are not fully revealed.

Starting with the Deadpool / Sasquatch wave, we have Paladin,  mercenary. He is most famous for being a member of Heroes for Hire. He will join DeadpoolCableDominoX-23 and Deathlok Prime (Earth-10511) with Sasquatch. There is also one more figure to be revealed most likely at NYCC. It is rumour to be X-force Deadpool but that was released as a Exclusive. Release date is Late 2017 / Early 2018.

Next the Spider-man / Lizard wave, joining Spider-Punk, Gwenpool, Lasher and fan favourite Mysterio (BAF is Lizard) is the all-new, all-different Spider-woman. This is Jessica Drew second figure since Hasbro relaunched the line and her second out of 3 costume we need. She wore this a bit after the Spider-verse and when she was pregent. there is at least 1 figure left to be revealed, but the rumour has it as Spider-man Noir and Demogoblin. Release date is the same as the Deadpool wave.

Next is the Black Panther wave. Shown on the first night was a beard and shaved Namor and a “new” calm head for Black Bolt. Joining them is a new Comic book All-New, All-different Model Prime Iron Man. This is the first comic book Iron Man since the Groot BAF waaay but in 2014. That is nearly 4 years of Iron Men that were Movie figure and yet no comic book version. However this one is a much needed version as it is his more modern version. It is also the last figure we need to complete the ANAD Avengers (Shock! Hasbro has completed a team). They couldn’t reveal the movie figure or the BAF but it might be the NYCC or just before the movie release. He also comes with a unmasked head.

Next is the Avengers wave which we know of only Songbird. Hasbro is holding back on fully revealing this wave (the movies not out it next summer after all) but joining her is King Cobra of the Serpent Society. Hasbro has hinted that this is not the last of this team which we have 5 now. Rumour has it that the wave will consist of Movie Cap, Iron Man, Vision and Spider-man and comic Taskmaster with Thanos as the BAF.

The Final wave revealed is the Apocalypse wave. During the first day, Hasbro did something special by showing how a prototype of a figure is made and painted. It just so happens that the the figure they were doing was Wolverine. Tiger Stripe Wolverine that is. The most expected figure looks great. During the panel he was joined by Storm, in her 80’s punk outfit. This is the famous costume that she wore when she lost her powers and even beat Cyclops in combat to be the leader of the X-men. Lastly we got a new Psylocke in her most famous Jim Lee ninja outfit. She comes with a psychic knife and sword as well as a Psychic butterfly effect which was not shown but mention by the team. Also shown was a paint image of Apocalypse but he was on display. Maybe NYCC. There is not rumour on who else is in the wave so get guessing folks.

Exclusives now and Walmart is getting a rerelease of BAF Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. Waste of a figure in my opinion since he never wore it for this costume and is only done cause whiner complained he din’t have it the first time. Read the fecking comics weebs.

It seems that for every movie Hasbro will have a exclusive 2 pack for TRU and Black Panther is now different. Unlike the Thor one, this one is fully comic book with 1 remake of Klaw and a new character of Shuri, both of which I predicted in my Ideal wave.

That basically it for the reveals. Wolverine and Iron man will be updated soon but right after that I will be doing something Special. You see NCS has gotten it’s first ever fan request!!! Facebook follower, Shawn Ayala, request that I do War Machine. And you know something, yes I will. Thankfully I have done the research for this long ago (back with this was just a section in Marvelousnews.com’s Forums.) so it won’t take long to do. If any one else has a request don’t hesitate to ask. Please. I’m bored with just the new reveals.

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