SDCC 2017 – Hasbro Panel – Retail Release

Well guys last night was the big one. Hasbro had their panel and we got to see some really nice stuff. Deadpool, Spider-man, Black Panther, Avengers, X-men and of course the Exclusive got some confirmation with some really unexpected reveals.

I would say that there is a bit less then we usually get. However, that is because Hasbro is going to reveal more figure in some other cons, like Hascon in September, so you can expect more later in the year.

I’ll start off with The Vintage line as we got the final 2 figures in that line. First we got Wolverine, the Juggernaut wave one with hairy arms and a new unmasked head. We also got Black Widow in a full body suit on the Moonstone mold with MJ’s head. This one might be the only one I get in this line. This line is really catering to MOC collectors.

Joining the Deadpool wave we have Deathlok. We had a version of him before but the figure was pretty bad and had a really awkward rubber hose connecting to the chest and gun. This is a all new mold. He comes with 2 guns, 1 handgun and one BFG gatling gun.

Next we finally have a comic book accurate X-23. This time she is in her X-Force costume on the teenage build. Hasbro hinted that this won’t be the last we see her as they mentioned that she doesn’t come with her toe claws so maybe we will get a Wolverine version eventually.

The rest of the wave was not reveal (rumoured to be X-Force Deadpool and Paladin) but they have confirm that the BAF is NOT Strong Guy like many people have thought.

Joining the Spider-man wave with have confirmation on Mysterio. This is also an all new sculpt. We did have a version made in the TB classic line but this one so miles better than that. He also comes with some nice mist effects. They have hinted that the head is changable but it wasn’t shown.

They also revealed the BAF for this wave that being the Lizard. This is massive and packed with Articulation, which includes 3 points in then tail. I was afraid that they would mess this and Mysterio up but nope. Huge improvements over the TB ones.

The rest of the wave is rumoured to have Spider-Man Noir, Demogoblin and Prowler.

Black Panther figure got revealed as well but it was only the comic figures. The rest are to be reveal later but they will most likely be the MCU figures like Black Panther. First up we have a repaint of Black Bolt. This one was previously release as part of a SDCC box set but this one has a new head with energy effect. It is hinted that he will come with the older head as well.

As in the image below, joining Black Bolt is Hasbro’s second attempt at the Classic Namor. This is primarily a repaint of the Walgreen version with new part like the green scaley trunks. He also comes with a new trident and not just one used before, close but new. He also has a swappable shaved and bearded head.

Finishing off our regular release we had a hint at the X-men wave of 2018. Yes Deadpool wave is a separate wave to the X-men wave and we will getting 2 X-men focus waves next year. So what was the revealed? Well it was the BAF. That being a more modern Apocalypse. This will be around 8″ tall and will come with interchangable parts. 8 figure wave maybe? We will find out later this year or next year.

That it’s for the regular releases. Check back in a bit when I do the Store exclusives.

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