Iron Man (House Of M)


  • Real Name: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark
  • AKA: Tony Stark
  • Family: Howard Stark (father, deceased) Maria Stark (mother, deceased)
  • Base of Operation: Chicago, Illinois
  • Identity: Secret Identity
  • Citizenship: American
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Occupation: CEO of Stark Industries, inventor, industrialist
  • Education: Advanced degree in electrical engineering in M.I.T.
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
  • Weight: 225 lbs (102.06 kg)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Origin: Human
  • Universe: House Of M Universe (Earth-58163)

One of the few humans that found success in a mutant dominated world. Introduced in Iron Man: House of M #1 (2005) by Greg Pak and Pat Lee, this Tony Stark had taken over his family business at the age of 16. He had developed weapons and armors to used against mutants during the war but when that ended, he powered down the suit and allowed them to be used in a gladiatorial contest called Robo Death Match, with Tony and his father being contestants in the show. Along with Johnny Storm, another contestant, they learnt that his father was going to raise a rebellion against Magneto but Tony defeated him. He would later regain his memories and join in trying to turn the world back to normal.

At the time of the Box set’s release, House of M was the latest event that Toybiz could have based figures on.

House of M Iron Man

Recommend Figure:  Toybiz Marvel Legends House of M Box set – Iron Man with Hulk, Inhuman Torch and It

  • Background:
    • Instead of being a hero, Tony Stark was a contest on Robo Death Match, a gladiatorial contest where people in armours would battle each other for sport. 
  • Why you need it for your collection?:
    • Honestly unless you have to have every Iron Man for your armoury  or want to build a House of M display (we currently have at east 6 clharacters from it) then I would say skip it. However, it is very unlikely it will get a remake.
  • Does it need a remake?:
    • No.


Below you will find a gallery of suits that still need to be made. I have included what I think are the possibilities of them being made. Note that these are my personal opinions and not fact. Please let me know if I have missed anything.

None at the moment.

Alternates: Iron Men | Tony Starks

Universe: House of M Universe (Earth-58163)