Heroes Reborn Universe

Introduced in: Heroes Reborn #½ (1996)

In the 90’s unless you were Spider-man or one of the X-men teams, your comic was in serious danger of being cancelled outright. So, in an attempt to boast sales, Marvel relaunched and outsourced many of their titles, including the F4, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers etc. These comics retold the originals of the heroes with a whole new bunch of adventures separate from the prime universe. The idea failed miserably, and Marvel brought all their titles and relaunched them again, bringing them back into the Prime Universe with their history restored.

In universe, in order to defeat Onslaught, many of the non-mutant heroes drove into the entity to overload it. They were believed killed afterward but were in fact transported to a pocket dimension created by Franklin Richards. There they were reborn, and their stories began again. A few months later, they would discover the truth and worked to return to their own world. However, like many universe, with would survive and be seen again.

Please Note: This universe has nothing to do with the 2021 version.