NEWS – Walmart Exclusive Joe Fixit Hulk

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Back when Square-Enix released the ill-fated Avengers game, Hasbro released 2-waves of Marvel Legends based around the game. One of the BAF for the wave just happened to be a Hulk skin based around Hulk’s time as Joe Fixit. While that was nice at the time, the color of the figure was different to the color version we all knew, and people were expecting Hasbro to re-release it in its proper colors. Well, as we all know with Hasbro, they decided to re-release it as Walmart Exclusive but it’s not just a straight repaint at it comes with two brand new heads, two sets of hand as well as a Tommy Gun. No word on when it will be released but it will likely be during their Collector Con.


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