News – Hasbro Marvel Instragram 18/05/22 – Updated with Images

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Hasbro Marvel’s team had a Instagram livestream and have revealed a good number of figures.

  • The 5 figure to join Disney + Infinity Ultron wave is the Power Broker / Sharon Carter from the Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
  • The Bombtastic Bagman will be finally coming on a Retro Carded set but it will be Target exclusive
  • The next F4 retro figure will be Firelord to add to the upcoming Haslab Galactus set.
  • A repainted War Machine was revealed on a new Iron Man Retro card, based on the old Animated line. They indicated that a wave will be coming.
  • Another Spider-man: Beyond Amazing figure was reveal and it’s the Toei Spider-man, otherwise known as Suipadaman.
  • The SDCC/Pulsecon exclusive this year will be a Mojo World set with a new Dazzler, updated Longshot, a X-babie Wolvie and a new much larger Mojo.
  • Gambit hand was the tease so probably the Animated version.

Images coming soon.

SDCC/Pulsecon/Pulse Exclusive Mojo World set:

Fantastic Four Retro Firelord:

Spider-man: Beyond Amazing Supaidaman

Iron Man Retro War Machine:

Disney + Infinity Ultron wave Sharon Carter

Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Retro Bagman:


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