NCS – Siryn

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. As people may (or may not) know I’m Irish. Unfortunately, there are very few Irish character in comics, with three of Marvel’s most famous Irish character being from the same family, and two with the same powers. (We have Irish descent in Cap, DD etc. but few characters were born and raised in the Emerald Isle. And yes, I know about Shamrock but the less said about that racist and stereotype character the better.)

So, it gives me great pleasure, one of the few Irish Ladies today in the form of Theresa Cassidy, aka Siryn. I have been looking forward to this character for years, even more so when you know she is an important part of the X-force that Hasbro have been slowly building up. Hopefully, Hasbro will get around to redoing her papa soon. Speaking of Mr. Cassidy, I have also added the Banshees to the Alternates as they both used the name at one point.

Next time we finish off the wave by looking at the BAF, Bonebreaker.

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