Best Accessory, Packaging, Wave Assortment, BAF and Deluxe sets 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Last week, I asked you to vote for the first part of the Best of Marvel Legends 2021. You guys have voted, and we now have the results. There was a lot of votes with quite a few nail-biting results. As always remember that the winner of the Best BAF and Deluxe will move onto the Overall best figure of the years. But enough ramblings onto results.

Best Accessories

3rd Place: The Lab coat and swappable arms of Mr. Fantastic.

2nd Place: Red Skull’s Cosmic Cube

Winner: Morris

I always say the best accessory is one that that is a distinctive character. Plus, Morris is adorable.

Best Packaging Design

3rd place (three-way tie) 13%: Thanos Infinity Gaunlet, Fantastic Four Retro, Modok World Domination

2nd Place 17%: Infinity Saga

Winner 20%: Spider-man Retro

Took second place last year but the winner this year. If we get more next year, this will not be included in the voting. They won’t be as unique by then.

Best Wave Assortment

3rd Place 13%: Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse wave

2nd Place 23%: Iron Man wave

Winner 27%: Super-Villains wave

Probably the one that was the closest votes with only one vote deciding the winner.

Best Build a Figure

3rd Place 17%: What If…? The Watcher

2nd Place 20%: Age of Apocalypse Colossus

Winner 30%: Ursa Major

Of course, the Vodka drinking Russian Bear won. When is the next time you can say you built a bear for a figure?

Best Deluxe set

3rd place 7%: Kro

2nd place 27% (Two-way tie): Infinity Gauntlet Thanos and What if…? Hydra Stomper

Winner 40%: MODOK

While all four got voted, there was a clear winner.

And that’s it. The next part of the voting will be up later but let me know what you think? Remember you guys voted for these winners, most I agree with, so don’t go giving out to me if your vote didn’t win.

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