News – Marvel Monday Live Updates

Keep reloading this post every few minutes as I bring you all the various news and updates that will be happening today.

Marvel Legends Disney + wave Captain America (Sam Wilson

First bit of news of the day is that we got our first look of the Captain America figure from the Disney + wave. This seems to have been a leaked images from Marvel’s own site so hopefully we will see a better image soon during the live stream.

Hi-Res Cap Falcon, Bucky and John Walker Images

A Instagram post from our friend Rektangular has confirmed the full wave of the D+ series with Loki being the last figure.

Livestream is about to start:

  • Going through the Shang-Chi wave.
    • Shang-Chi, Wenwu and Xialing is all new sculpt
  • The Disney + wave.
    • Loki figure fully revealed.
    • Captain America Sam is all new pinless joints.
    • Baf is Falcon’s wings and Redwing.
  • Hercules Avengers under siege Version!!!
  • Fantastic Four
    • Johnny Storm Negative version Depowered.
  • the next army builder will be Shield Agent
  • The tease is a Space gun (looks to be based on the Secret Invasion Skrulls).
  • a new hairy figure Logan?


Marvel Legends Disney + wave

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