NCS – Doop, Affleck’s Daredevil and Snipe’s Blade

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. After finally catching up with all the new figure announcements that Hasbro made since I created this site (at least until Monday 1st), we go way back to 2002 (god that make me feel old) and begin our look at some of the older figures from the creators of Marvel Legends. That’s right folk. We are talking about Toybiz figures. I will be doing these in order of when they were released. Many of these have had an update from Hasbro but they were released before I started doing this, so they will go in order Toybiz releases but will more then likely just be doing the Hasbro version for any figure that has had a figure before.

However the 3 characters we are talking about today have yet to have a new figure. Up first we have pack-in figure that was hard to come by because of the weird store policies of the late 1990/early 2000s. He was a pack-in with Deadpool, whose name was the reason it wasn’t able to get into stores. Ironic nowadays don’t you think. Anyhow, up today we have the weird blob creature known as Doop.

Also up today we have 2 movie figure that were made before MCU. One was a major flop and another really launched the comic book movie industry. Up now we have the Ben Affleck starring Daredevil (D/ECU) as well as Wesley Snipes’ starring Blade (Blade Trilogy Universe). Neither of these are going to get a remake figure so only get them if you really want to have every figure.

Depending on what is revealed on Monday 1st February, the next NCS will cover Series 6 Thomas Janes’ Punisher as well as the Legendary Riders series Vengeance. (Yes I know. I’m going by the Wiki page.)

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