Results- Most Wanted Spider-man Costume.

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Last week I put up a poll asking you what was your most wanted Earth-616 Peter Parker’s Spider-man costume. I had hundreds of people voting their most wanted costume so I want to thanks everyone for that. This was a fun experience with some surprising results. As always remember this is what you guys voted for the results, so I don’t want any “Why didn’t such and such win”. However, I agree with most of the votes.

Before we get into the Top 5 here are the results of the remaining choices

  1. Spider-Lizard
  2. Secret War
  3. Prodigy
  4. Hornet
  5. Insulated
  6. Superior or Surveillance suit
  7. 3-way tie – Spider-Ock, Ricochet and Fear Itself
  8. Negative Zone – see possible release here – Rumor – Possible Negative Zone Spidey coming?
  9. Tie- Dusk and Unlimited
  10. Tie- Bulletproof and Stealth
  11. Tie – Spider-hulk and Man-Spider

Here they are in order of rank, in case you are curious what they look like.

And those were the runner-ups. It should be noted that everyone of them got a minimum of sixteen votes so the likes of, say Spider-lizar, are still something that people wanted. But you don’t care about that. You want the winners.

5th place – First Appearance

Taking the fifth place is a figure we got during the Toybiz days, First Appearance Spider-man. First appearing in Amazing Fantasy #15, this is Peter’s first costume he wore when he was trying his life at being a wrestler, until you know, not stopping the burglar, Uncle Ben, great responsibilty, yadda yadda. You know the story by now. I personally love first appearance figures so the Toybiz figure is one of my favourite so I do think that it should be redone by Hasbro now. Instead of using the Retro figure though, I do think they should use the smaller teenage mold, as he is still a teenager at the time.

4th Place – Future Foundation

Taking the fourth place we have one of the figures Hasbro has done, and done well IMO, the Future Foundation Spider-man. This is from when Johnny Storm was dead and he nominated Spider-man to take his place on the F4, who were then calling themselves Future Foundation. Hasbro did make a version of this during the “Return of Marvel Legends” period, as part of the Arnim Zola wave. It was supposed to be a variant but instead became the standard figure. While the figure was great for it’s time, it does not match then modern Marvel Legends. I’m thinking that since Hasbro are now making F4 figure this would make a great figure for that line or even a entire box set with the four.

3rd Place – Amazing Bag-man

Taking the third spot, we have the only brand new figure of the top 5, Amazing Bag-Man. When Spider-man was separated with the Symbiote by Reed Richard, he had no clothes to wear going home. So as a prank, Johnny gave him one of their own costumes and put a paper bag over his head. This has been a fan favorite costume for years and many people want him. Even Hasbro wants to make him, as they had him as one of the options for a previous fan poll. They did make it for the MU scale but we have yet to get it in ML. Easy way to do it is make the Bag head so a classic Johnny Storm.

2nd Place – Armor MK I

The silver medal winner of this poll is the silver armored Spider-man. This was made when Spider-man had to battle the New Enforcers in Web of Spider-man #100. It even got a hologram cover to celebrate the issue. This is another costume that got a figure but unlike most of these, it was part of the Spider-man Classic’s line, was extremely under articulated and had a silly action feature (web missile launcher in the arm). Fans have been asking for this one for years and he is sorely needed for a Spider-man collection. Out of all the top five in this listing, this is the one that screams to be made into a Vintage figure. It should be noted that this one only lost by 3 votes!

Overall winner – Iron Spider

And the over all winner is a costume I’m extremely surprised hasn’t been done in Marvel Legends yet, Iron Spider. With it’s prominence in the MCU, it is surprising that Hasbro hasn’t done the comic book version, which Peter receive from Tony Stark during the Civil War. I mean this one is easy to do now that they have the waldoes from the MCU figure. Hell putting this in any standard Spider-man wave would make sense as it would be the centerpiece of the wave.

Well, that is what you guys voted for. Alot of these were extremely close but the top were the clear winners of the poll. Do you guys agree with this? Let me know below or on any of the social media sites.


    • During the voting, we voted for every spiderman figure that were or weren’t made before the pizza spiderman. The iron spiderman was made before that so it was included in this poll. Most people want that remade.


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