News – Old Men set, Hellfire Tease, Sentinel Update and Livestream announcement

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I have 4 pieces of news for you lot tonight.Circling around social media is a new image of the upcoming X-men Movies 20th Anniversary Old Man Logan and Hawkeye (and baby Hulk) 2-pack. Both figures will come with 2 heads each. Logan will come 2 sets of hands as well as Baby Hulk. Hawkeye will come with his quiver and 2 Bow one standard and another pulled. We have word that there will be Pre-orders going up tomorrow so we are assuming that this is one of them. Hopefully the rest of the line will get revealed.

Second piece of news it a bit of a Tease. Dan Yun of the Marvel team has posted an image of what we believe is the once SDCC box set. They have been teasing this for a while and it is rumored (practically confirmed at this stage) that this will be a Hellfire Club set with Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce, Emma Frost and Black Queen with both Selene and Jean Grey heads. No word on if there is more.

The Hasbro team also gave thanks to the fan for backing the Sentinel Project, which has broken 11000 backers. As thanks they will be adding a second tentacles to the set.

Finally they announced that they will be doing a Livestream tomorrow at 12pm EDT (5pm Ireland and UK time), where we believe they will officially announce the Hellfire set as well as put the Deadpool 2 figures and others up for Pre-order. Hopefully they will also announce more but my guess is we will only get a few announcements. Unfortunately, I will be at work at the time so I will be late in posting the news.

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